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Ludovic Métivier was awarded the CNRS bronze medal

Ludovic Métivier has been awarded the CNRS bronze medal for his innovating interdisciplinary work carried out between the LJK and ISTerre.

Daniel Onofrei is visiting us

Daniel Onofrei (University of Houston, USA) is visiting us from May 15 to July 15. He is a specialist in imaging, wave control and multiscale analysis. He will also take part in the Workshop “Localization, Control and Wave Inversion I” on July 5. You can find him in office 175.

Fernando Guevara Vasquez is visiting us

Fernando Guevara Vasquez, Assistant Professor at University of Utah, is visiting us for the whole academic year. His reasearch deals with inverse problems and in particular cloacking. However he did not manage to cloack himself and you can easily meet him in the laboratory. We added him to the Faculty list of the team, taking …

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