Welcome to the PDE team!

Welcome on the web page of the PDE team of the Laboratoire Jean Kuntzmann. Feel free to contact us for any information.

Research areas

The Partial Differential Equations team is part of the MAD department (Deterministic Models and Algorithms) and gathers researchers in the area of modeling, analysis and scientific computing in strong intercation with other disciplines.


Functional analysis, partial differential equations
semilinear elliptic equations, inverse problems, optimal control, shape optimization, homogenization, integral equations, optimal transport
Numerical analysis, scientific computing
high-performance computing, domain decomposition, parallel computing, automatic differentiation, coupling methods, adaptive mesh refinement, particle and vortex methods, fluid-structure coupling, immersed boundary methods, level-set, numerical optimization


Biological modeling
viscoplasticity, phospholipidic vesicles, myocardium modeling
Fluid mechanics
fluid control, free surface flows, microfluidics, wetting
Physical modeling
thin structures modeling, shape instability, crystal genesis, classical and quantum optics, micro-magnetism, nano-physics